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Aqua Shop Liz
Lay-A-Way Plan

Our Layaway Plan is designed to help you purchase your favorite fashionable jewelry, DIY home decoration/renovation and other costly products. Even if you cannot currently pay for it in full, you will have the assurance that the products you like will be available when you are ready, at today’s discount price!

Learn more about Aqua Shop Liz LayAWay payment option. Learn how to schedule your Lay-A-Way payments.


  • 0% Interest for 180 to 365 Days*

    Flexibility to pay when you have the funds available

  • Minimum 10%Deposit to Start

    You can choose to pay a higher deposit to start

    (Deposits are non-refundable to ensure the item you like will be available for you).

  • $100 Minimum Purchase Amount

    Our Layaway Program is available for items with a retail price of $100 USD or more. Contact us for information about Total Order Payment Options

Simply Select Layaway On Select Product Page(s) when ordering

See Step By Step Guide 1. Read thoroughly PRODUCT & ADDITIONAL INFORMATION Sections 2. Select QUANTITY desired 3. Select PRICE OPTION that fits your budget 4. Click ADD TO CART 5. Review CART contents 6. Enter your Ship To Information (If order is a gift, please enter giftee mailing information and YOUR contact info) 7. Choose your delivery method 8. Choose and input your payment method and information 9. If you have a discount code for other items in your order, input it at checkout BEFORE clicking final button 10. Click Review and Place Order. Please make sure that all information is input correctly Aqua Shop Liz and Suppliers are NOT responsible and will not compensate for wrong or incomplete delivery addresses.

aslb quantity and price options.png Snippet from product order page.
aslb customer order summary.png
Whether you already have an Aqua Shop Liz membership, shopping as a quest or shopping for someone special. Make sure you fill in the shipping information correctly.
Whether shopping locally, nationwide or worldwide, make sure to choose the delivery method that best fits your budget.
Convenient and securely encrypted payment options available. Please make sure to input your payment information correct to avoid delays in order.
Review your order one more time before placing it.
Final step. Review and place your order
More information will be added to this page soon
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